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Shortly about us

Martiria is an epic/doom metal rock band formed back in the '80s and re-founded (after a long pause) in 2002. Five album published (last one R-Evolution, with ex Black Sabbath Vinny Appice - 2014).

The band was formed back in the '80s. At the beginning the band was very much oriented towards Doom/Metal sounds such as: early Candlemass and Black Sabbath. After releasing just a few demos and featuring various musicians, in 1998 the members of the group decide to take a break for a while in order to experience different projects. (continue)

News and LIVE shows

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Rick Martin Anderson

Andy Menario


Rick Anderson, previous Warlord singer (and now back there*), aka Damien King III, has been Martiria singer from the first album, in 2004 till the recording of On the way back, in 2011.
In January 2012, in order to move in the direction of a more intense LIVE activity (made difficult by the physical distance between the singer and the rest of the members), Rick Anderson and Andy take the very suffered decision to split their ways after ten long years together. The heavy heritage of Damien King was taken in 2013 by Flavio Cosma.

After ten years, four albums recorded and an unforgettable live experience, Andy, Marco, Umberto and Derek want to thank sincerely Rick Anderson for the contribution he gave in developing the Martiria Project. His presence has been fundamental for the success of the band, and his friendship is invaluable for us, since he is both a great man and a brother for us.

God bless you, Rick. It's a see-you-soon, not a farewell.

The members of the Band
February 2012

*Latest Rick's cd with Warlord N.Y. has been released in late 2013.

Place of birth:

Redwood City, California
Present home: Bethel, Ohio
Family: Wife (Barb) Two Daughters (Hannah and Moriah) and One Son ( Noah)

Favorite Metal Band:
Warlord (not just because I was in it!). Music of Epic Proportions! Amazing!!!
Favorite Rock Bands (non-metal):
Montrose, Foreigner, Deep Purple, Boston, Toto, Iona

Favorite Bands (other styles):

Tower of Power, Sons Of Champlin, Doobie Brothers, Rufus, Edin-Adahl

Favorite Singers/Vocal Influences:
Paul Rodgers, Lou Gramm, Sammy Hagar, Gino Vannelli, Bill Champlin, Chaka Khan, Marvin Gaye, Al Green, David Pack, Barbara Pride Anderson (my wife, what a voice!), David Teems, Layton Howerton, Nichole Nordeman and Tony Bennett

Favorite Book:
The Bible

Favorite Food:
Chicken Pesto, Cannelloni, Indian Curry, Thai Curry, Artichokes

Favorite Dessert:
Dark Chocolate

Animals: German Shepherd (Sophie), and two cats (Gus and Sadie)

Final Thought: For Warlord fans who never had a chance to hear my voice in that band, I hope you like this project. Here is the voice you’ve never heard…

Band line up (2013/2014)

Andy Menario (guitar)
Derek Maniscalco (bass)
Vinny Appice (drums, ex Black Sabbath, Dio, Heaven & Hell)
Flavio Cosma (singer)
Marco R. Capelli (lyrics)

Our first 4 CDs have been recorded with
Rick Anderson

(voice, ex Warlord singer, aka Damien King III)




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