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Martiria is an epic/doom metal rock band formed back in the '80s and re-founded (after a long pause) in 2002. Seven album published (last one R-Evolution, with ex Black Sabbath Vinny Appice - 2014).

The band was formed back in the '80s. At the beginning the band was very much oriented towards Doom/Metal sounds such as: early Candlemass and Black Sabbath. After releasing just a few demos and featuring various musicians, in 1998 the members of the group decide to take a break for a while in order to experience different projects. (continue)

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Album: On the Way Back ( 2011 )


Date: October '11
Author: GandhiEgo
Vote: 80%
Language: English
Direct link: click here

Very much influenced by the legends of the genre, namely Candlemass and Solitude Aeturnus, Martiria still retain their very own sound.

"Though influenced by the genre's legends, Candlemass or Solitude Aeturnus, Martiria still retain their very own sound!"

Coming full-circle in 2003 when frontman Andy Menario found THE voice that would be the trademark of Martiria, American ex-Warlord's singer Rick Anderson, the Italian act has delivered ever since its own blend of Epic Doom/Heavy Metal. On the Way Back is now Martiria’s fourth full-length album released by local label My Own Graveyard.

Very much influenced by the legends of the genre, namely Candlemass and Solitude Aeturnus, Martiria still retain their very own sound. Sure Anderson’s voice will remind listeners of either Lowe or Lanquist but you’d be a fool to think that the comparison to such talented singers is a drawback. Musically if the allegiance to the Doom Metal gods is clearly established, Martiria offer also aspects that are quite seldom seen in the scene.

They do not hesitate to add these great keys which have been for quite some time one of Italy’s metal scene landmarks. From Jacula and Goblin to Blood Thirsty Demons or Abysmal Grief, keyboards have played an essential part in Italy. Though some may argue it makes the music a bit cheesy, it definitely adds something occult or, better still, religious allowing the listener to immerse himself in the music more and more. At times, there’s also a progressive dimension found in Martiria’s music which in my opinion owes much to Spiniello’s drumming anchoring the music in some “naive” 70s feel.

Almost one hour long, On the Way Back is a great adventure that sometimes goes down-tempo taking its own sweet time to linger in mild depression but also does not forget to give us good ole Heavy Metal riffing to headbang to.

I’m not sure there’s anything to complain about here. Some may say that the aforementioned similarities may be a bit too much but when you have good music to start with, why complain? As previously said, the “mystic” keys and the progressive drumming are enough to differentiate them from their elders. The guitar work is also quite good and Menario’s soli are much inspired. To be honest, if I were to complain, I’d say guys, the bass guitar is a bit buried in the mix and hard to discern, though it feels like redundant thing in Metal anyway.

I certainly wish that people that enjoy their Doom epic and traditional would know more about this band. It has all the good spacey/prog parts you’d enjoy from an Italian band, all the groove and expertise of Swedish gods and the voice of an angel. It's only a shame that Martiria have not achieved more recognition while playing such a talented music. On the Way Back may well change this.

© GandhiEgo


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