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Shortly about us

Martiria is an epic/doom metal rock band formed back in the '80s and re-founded (after a long pause) in 2002. Seven album published (last one R-Evolution, with ex Black Sabbath Vinny Appice - 2014).

The band was formed back in the '80s. At the beginning the band was very much oriented towards Doom/Metal sounds such as: early Candlemass and Black Sabbath. After releasing just a few demos and featuring various musicians, in 1998 the members of the group decide to take a break for a while in order to experience different projects. (continue)

News and LIVE shows

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Federico "Freddy"
(singer, 2012-2013)



Leader and vocalist of the Acting Out (rock cover band) he was very active on stage from 1990 to 1999 taking part in jam sessiona and cooperating with several groups in Rome.
In year 2000 he is the vocalist for the Overlook Hotel Project (power- rock cover band), after some years of partial inactivity he joins Martiria in 2012 and, during his period with the band, records the CD: Roma S.P.Q.R. (2012). He left the band in January 2013 and his place was taken by Flavio Cosma .

Residence : Rome

Family : Viviana (wife) & desire (daughter)

Favourite rock band: Black Sabbath, Withesnake , Metallicjh nyi77gtta

Other style bands: Frank Zappa, Weather Report, Carl Orff, Yes ,Steve Vai, Toto
Best singer : R.J.Dio, D.Coverdale, R.Plant, J.L.Turner, Glenn Hughes, Sammy Hagar

Films: The Crusade, Conan, The name of teh rose, Alexandros, The Gladiator, King
Arthur, Al Pacino (everything).

Books : Bible , Lord of the Rings,Gibran's The Prophet

Favourite food : Pasta (carbonara), Pizza

Animals : Bull terriers, cats & "Jagger", my rabbit.

A though: God, give us the intelligence to recognize what's right, the will to go in that direction, the strenght to conserve it.

(Hard work wins every challenge)

If you think you can do something, do it. In the act of doing something there is genius, power, magic. (Goethe)


Band line up

Andy Menario (guitar)
Derek Maniscalco (bass)
Rick Anderson (voice, ex Warlord singer, aka Damien King III)

Vinny Appice (drums, ex Black Sabbath, Dio)
Marco R. Capelli (lyrics)

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